To Senator Barnie Sanders and to Senator Al Gore

peace-022I have to tell you that Justice and Human development depends direcly from the Unites States Power, in the past times, Unites States make millons of people miserable, inclouding my, war just make people miserable in all forms, when Unites States have a humanizated gouverment, that go to the imparciality, justice and childrenhood development, just till then the wordl is going to be a happy place to live. Now in Mexico, gouveners are full of demands in the International Criminal Court and in the Interamerican Human Rigts Comision, and why these international organizations do not do any thing abour it, because they need total support from US gouverment.
Justice, human development, spirituality (not religion: ecology) , are to necessary for humanity to be happy, other wise humanity is becoming miserable, just in Mèxico 70 porcent of familis are un happy, un health, and no high educated in earth sciences.
From Mexico; whit all and deep respect to you and to democracy: because we can not live longer in these situation whit human intelligence, that day a day need tenderness, respect, love, affection, PEACE,  health and confort.

Gerardo Gonzalez Miranda
Wrhiter, journalist, permaculture professor

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